Stony Chute Organics

Stony Chute Organics is located on a 15acre (6 hectare) property in the Northern Rivers area of NSW. The property is under organic management by Jeff and Aiko and currently OGA Certified Organic in Conversion (cert 1449IC). Our current activities include small scale herb, flower, fruit, nuts and vegetable production for local markets and select outlets.
Jeff has a long history of working with plants dating back to the 1960's and organic plant growing since the 1980's. He has worked as a gardener, a nursery hand, was the proprietor of Kyogle Herbery the largest herb nursery in its day on the North Coast of NSW. Jeff has a BA, BApplSci(Hons) and a PhD all relating to plants an plant use and has published widely on plant exudate and silica. He also has certificates in Herbal Medicine (QINS), Tissue Culture and plant propogation (UQ).
The majority of our plants are now propagated from cuttings or seed collected from our stock plants. Because we are currently still building our stock any new plants that we purchase from elsewhere are sourced from certified organic suppliers where possible and put into out stock plant garden as a source of future fresh cuttings or seed.
In addition to our herb, flower, fruit, nut and vegetable production, we also carry a line of Plantstone Carboneaters, which are plants that have been scientifically tested ( and varified to lock up carbon for thousands of years in their plantstones (plant cells that are naturally coated in silica which trap carbon). These plants are available by online order as bare rooted plants.